Functional movement, Pre-hab, HIIT, Cardio, Parachute sprints, Sand bags, Power ball swings/discuss throws, Shot put, Hurdles sprints, Dog in the bone, Yoga, Meditation, and lots more .... All in one session!

Fun tools to take you back to being in PT Class!

Launched in 2008 with you in mind, commando bootcamp is India's first bootcamp! We offer you a smarter and afer way of getting fit, having fun, building new friendships, competing within yourself & others ultimately pushing your boundaries to the next level, all in a marter and afer way!

All this under the supervision of qualified RAPTfx trainers, based on Australian standards. (www.raptfx.com)

Organised Indoors, Outdoors, at Home, at your Office, for big groups of 6+ to small groups of 4, simply ask us and we will curate a program to suit you. Now offering day bootcamps, weekend bootcamps and Inter bootcamp competitions!

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